Digital Reverb

A great digital reverb sound that easily replaces a spring reverberation unit


Small package is half the size of the  BTDR-1

Stereo outputs may be summed for mono operation

Simple interface requires only input,  output, +5V, and ground

AC-coupled input and outputs require no external capacitors



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Connection Diagram

Note: Pin 2 and 4 are internally connected. See the Application Circuit for more information on how to connect the grounds.




Application Circuit

A regulated 5V supply is mandatory. An LDO regulator is recommended for battery-powered devices. The following example circuits are for instrument-level signals:

"Common" is "Signal GND" in a split-supply circuit or Vcc/2 in a single-supply circuit.

Audio noise during power-down can be minimized by quickly discharging supply from 5V to 0V; otherwise, external output muting may be necessary.

R1, R2 and C1 create a pre-EQ high-pass filter and may be adjusted to taste.


Stereo Circuit

High-pass frequency (Hz) = 1/( C1 R1)

High frequency gain (dB) = 20 log(2 R2/R1)


Mono Circuit

High-pass frequency (Hz) = 1/(2 C1 R1)

High frequency gain (dB) = 20 log(R2/R1)